Keeping A Secret


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Nell Walcote’s honesty is beyond question, but she is living a lie for someone else…

Keeping a Secret – (The Foundling’s Path – Part 3) – (Linmore Series Book 8) – a family saga set in rural Shropshire during the Post-Napoleonic Regency Era (1817-1818).

(A sequel to Finding her Place)

Patient confidentiality is sacrosanct to a physician’s nurse. When a lady dies in childbirth, Nell Walcote is caught in a spiral of deceit between the gentry and the servant class; ignored by one and viewed with suspicion by others who apportion blame. Expecting to return to her work at Middlebrook Surgery, Nell learns that she must remain at Linmore Hall to hide the fact that the baby, allegedly born early, came when Nature intended.

Embroiled in a façade, Nell becomes privy to information of which she cannot speak even if it is difficult to ignore. Gradually, she becomes the recipient of Linmore secrets, then of trust and acceptance. Furthermore, there is jealousy to contend with. Despite Nell covering her tawny hair to avoid attracting masculine attention; some, from unexpected quarters, finds her.

Nell’s role, as guardian of innocent children, takes on a greater significance in the master’s absence from home. Sensitive to atmosphere, she becomes aware of a malevolent influence that threatens Linmore’s future. With time at a premium, Nell, who normally avoids men, must seek their help. How can she convince those in authority of the need to act – and will they believe her…?

Pretence is anathema to a man of honour, but as a physician, Dr James Althorpe does not judge a cuckold’s way of hiding his late wife’s indiscretion. Responding to a plea for help James is prepared, like a priest at the confessional, to keep his client’s secret. What is one more confidence when he is the recipient of many such exchanges; some more scandalous than others…?

The Linmore story will continue