Brothers At Arms

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Where did it all go wrong? The making and breaking of a friendship, and the aftermath… But who will take the blame – or bear the shame…?

Brothers at Arms – (Linmire Series Book 1) – begins an epic family saga, set in Shropshire during the Pre-Regency Georgian era (1794-1802) – a time when the French wars rumble on in the background – and life, with its family feuds and intrigues, continues in a rural England of the Agricultural Revolution.

(The Prelude to A Marriage of Convenience Trilogy)

Joshua Norbery knows, as the second son of the gentry, there is no future for him at Linmore; a fact his older sibling never allows him to forget. His father’s decision to adopt two orphaned children gives Joshua a friend in Charlie Cobarne, who shares his intention to join the army; and a torment in Charlie’s sister Sophie, who determines to go with them and follow the drum. In so doing she binds their friendship together.

Maturity creates problems when the boy’s Grand Tour leaves Sophie at home for her safety. When her feral response creates havoc, Squire Norbery sends her to school to learn to be a lady. Once there, she befriends the daughter of a wealthy industrialist and makes plans for the future, little knowing who has most to lose if they should go awry.

A family bereavement, which leaves Joshua heir to the estate, forces him to abandon his plans to join the army, and makes Charlie question the direction his life will take. Sophie is in no doubt, but her obsession with Linmore creates a situation that threatens its future.

When a crisis erupts, and a man’s life hangs in the balance, the ensuing family scandal forces Joshua into exile. Will the lessons he must learn be enough to restore his father’s respect? And what will the others do when they too are banished from Linmore…?

(A Coming-of-Age story)

Joshua’s story continues in Held to Ransom – (A Marriage of Convenience – Part 1)