Counting The Cost

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A woman’s reputation once lost cannot be restored – but there is another way to survive…

Counting the Cost – (Linmore Series Book 2) – tells the story of a woman’s struggle to restore her good name in rural Shropshire during the Pre-Regency Georgian era (1794-1808) – a time when the common man had few rights and women had none…

(The Prelude to The Foundling’s Path Trilogy)

Maria Dinchope is alive, but she is trapped in a world she has created with a name she does not own. Beneath the uniform she wears is a secret she cannot reveal, for to do so would destroy everything for which she has worked.

Ten years ago, her life was in ruins, and she would have died but for the help of a gypsy herbalist. Having survived, she determined to help others avoid the problems that she encountered – even if it took subterfuge…

Caught in a dilemma, Maria cannot reveal why she sacrificed her youth on the altar of respectability, or that her past ceased to exist when she created a new persona. She wishes to move on, but before she can step beyond the limitations that surround her, there is one more person to help; a tawny-haired child whose sad expression touches an inexplicable chord of memory. Where has she seen Nell Walcote before and when – and of whom does she remind Maria…?

A heart-warming story, which gives a rare insight into the lives of women to whom kindness, honesty and friendship mean more than money and social class…

Maria’s story continues in Held to Ransom – (A Marriage of Conveneince – Part 1)

Nell’s story continues in Living in the Shadows – (The Foundling’s Path – Part 1)