An Element of Doubt

An Element of Doubt – (For Better or Worse) – (Linmore Series Book 9)

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To a gentleman, a proposal of marriage is a commitment, but a lady may change her mind…

An Element of Doubt – (For Better or Worse) – (Linmore Series Book 9) – the latest episode in a character rich family saga about the interlinking lives of the gentry, working classes and wealthy industrialists in rural Shropshire, during the late Regency Georgian era (1818 – 1820).

Joshua Norbery is seeking a new wife and mother for his children. His first marriage was a compromise, which gave him three daughters, a financial headache, and another man’s son in the nursery. This time he knows exactly who he wishes to marry; but when his plans go awry, he must either follow his instincts or accept an alternative that others seem determined to force on him. Joshua refuses to be coerced, but can he resist the subtle powers of persuasion which are applied?

Who, ultimately, will be his bride, and what turmoil and scandalous family secrets will the lady’s arrival unleash at Linmore Hall…?

A heart-warming story of a second-chance Regency marriage, tested to the limit of survival. Can it succeed when everything seems to conspire against it?

The Linmore story will continue