Counting The Cost

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A woman’s life in Pre-Regency Shropshire (1794 – 1808).

Maria knows to her cost that a woman alone must do what she can to survive.

Ten years ago, with her life in ruins, she determined to restore her good name and reputation – even if it took subterfuge.

Now she is Miss Dinchope, housekeeper, the epitome of primness and virtue. Her past is forgotten, but she has learned that the respectable faces around her hide dark secrets, every bit as threatening as her own… Somehow, Maria must protect the vulnerable young servant entrusted to her care. But how can she teach Nell to avoid the pitfalls she encountered? And will her help be enough?

A heart warming story, which gives a rare insight into the lives of women to whom kindness, honesty and friendship mean more than money and social class. It is the second part of an interlinking series that is filled with love, loss, life and laughs.