Jemima Brigges

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Jemima Brigges writes of what she knows because she was born in a valley in rural Shropshire; an area of rugged hills and winding country roads that she loved to roam. At the age of two, she was described as being the thinker of the family; and at five, she received her first book as a present, and literally devoured it. The difficulty was sharing it.

At school, Jemima did not do things by half-measures. Her stories were longer and more in-depth than those of anyone else. Retiring from a career in nursing and midwifery, the desire to write resurfaced when her passion for historical fiction and family history research tapped into a rich seam of inspiration.

Not content to write a single book, Jemima has created the Linmore Series with two preludes, and two parallel trilogies, which interlink and overlap as the storyline and principal characters progress. To facilitate this, Jemima spends much of her time living in the nineteenth century.


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